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Grand Turk Flights

The wall drops an estimated 30 ft. (9.1 meters) to approximately 7000 ft. (2134 meters), and is a short distance from the shore. Shipwrecks close to the reefs are also popular sites for divers. Also available are jewelry and gift shops, restaurants, bars with swimming pools at the ‘Grand Turk Cruise Center’ on the southern end of the island.

Founded by Bermudan salt rakers three centuries ago Grand Turk’s Bermudan-British-colonial architecture encircled by colorful local dwellings add to things to do on the island as it is marked with scattered historical sites of interest. Its turn-of-the-century Caribbean charm, that has managed to retain the look and feel of the Caribbean 40 years ago, places this island as a must to visit. The island offers vast knowledge of Christopher Columbus first landing back in 1492 and is recognized as being one of the first places in the New World where Christopher Columbus landed. Also the location that gained worldwide attention when John Glenn splashed down near Grand Turk on his historic first mission to space. Learn about the islands intriguing history and allow the serene white powdery beaches to help you unwind. Things to do:

  • Visit historic scenes – Lighthouse park, National Museum, Her Majesty’s prison, Salt Salinas and more

  • Horse Back riding and swimming

  • Gibbs Cay Beach & Stingray Encounter (649) 946-1298

  • Paddle Boarding, Snorkeling, Kayaking

  • Segway, ATV tours, 4×4 tours

  • Diving – Blue Water Divers (649) 946-2160

  • Dining

  • Grand Turk Cruise Center

  • Spend a night

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Charles Fulfotd Stubbs Services
Charles Fulfotd Stubbs Services
Feb 27, 2023


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