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Haiti Flights

Previously named as Cap-Français, Cap-Henri and historically known as the Paris of the Antilles, displaying its wealth and sophistication through its beautiful architecture and artistic life. The city is small and compact enough that you can walk most places. There are, however, many taxis and motor-taxis available.

The downtown area is full of French colonial architecture. There is a wide promenade, Bouleved du Carenage, along the bay offering a nice view and sea air. A number of restaurants line the Boulevard. The downtown has shops and restaurants, with authentic local food.

The Cathedral and Grand Place downtown are impressive sites to visit too. With the nearby town of Milot as the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle Henri Christophe, both built by King Henri Christophe. The palace ruins are extraordinary, as is the Citadelle, an amazingly massive castle that has been renovated and is the largest fortress in the Americas.

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