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North Caicos Flights

The swampland and tidal flats on the southern side of the island is home to scores of birds and other wildlife. The population is concentrated in four settlements; Sandy Point, Kew, Whitby and Bottle Creek.

“The Garden Island,” the “Breadbasket of the Turks and Caicos Islands” and the “Emerald Isle” are all apt local names given to North Caicos. An abundance of rainfall ensures year-round lush greenery for roughly 2,500 residents.

It was here that former Turks and Caicos Islands’ Premier Michael Misick was born and some say this sparsely populated forty-one square mile island is a snapshot of Provo before the boom.

From tomatoes and cucumbers to straw-work and boat building, it is all here on this sleepy island. Daily connecting flights affords one the perfect ‘getaway’ for a few hours or days. Just hop aboard a taxi for a guided tour or give leeway to your adventurous side and rent a bicycle or car. Just keep your eyes open for Liza, the last remaining donkey on North Caicos.

Explore the lagoon in Bottle Creek, take a stroll back in time at the well-preserved Wade’s Green Loyalist plantation ruins or visit with the several hundred Pink Flamingos at Flamingo Pond and Mud Hole Pond. A bird watcher’s paradise awaits on the adjacent Three Mary Cays, and extensive nature reserves and sanctuaries. Iguanas on the nearby East Bays Cays are an outstanding example of the natural diversity of this green island.

Recent development transformations on the island brought much improved roads and a deep-water harbour built to accommodate freight-bearing ships and a ferry between North and Provo. Several luxury resort properties are also underway. Blessed with the same powdery white sand as its neighbours, North Caicos remains a sleepy rural landscape.

Whether participating in their annual kite flying competition at Easter, the North Caicos Extravaganza in June, exploring the Cave or eating home-grown fruits like papaya and mangos; you are guaranteed to have a fun time. At the same time pick up a box of fruits or tomatoes for your home table.


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