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Salt Cay Flights

There are few cars on the island, most of the transportation is via golf cart, bicycle, boat or foot. Horses run freely along with donkeys, cows and chickens. Transport yourself back in time to Bermudian styled homes, the tales from friendly locals of a time past but held dear and stay awhile at one of the Bed and Breakfast hotels.

Visit the ruins in Taylor Hill and discover breathtaking views of the island. Traveling between January and April, Taylors Hill is the ideal spot for whale watching. Aside from grand humpback whales visitors may also have a chance to glimpse dolphins, turtles and many other sea creatures from the deep blue.

Salt Cay excels in providing spectacular diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing. Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine has rated Salt Cay in the top 100 in the world as ‘best wall diving’. Salt Cay also ranked in the top 5 in the world under the categories: Top Dive Destination, Top Macro Life, Top Fish Life, Top Advanced Diving, Healthiest Marine Life and Top Underwater Photography.

A divers and snorkelers paradise. Pristine coral reefs and unspoiled waters surround the island. Diving is just a 5 minute boat ride offshore to the 7,000 foot vertical wall. Whale sharks are known to cruise the waters of the Turks Islands Passage along the wall.

Salt Cay has something for everyone. Star gazers, bird watchers, beach combers, divers or those who just simply want to unwind.


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