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Flights to Eastern Caribbean

It’s easy to see why many savvy tourists choose to keep coming back time after time. Whether you’re interested in the excitement of Barbados, the quiet serenity of St. Lucia, or the sophistication of Guadeloupe, there is an island in the Eastern Caribbean to suit every possible taste. Whatever island destination you choose, you are certain to have the holiday of your dreams, and we can help you get there. Barbados is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean, and it appeals to those looking for both excitement and relaxation. Being one of the most developed nations in the region, Barbados has a wide variety of hotels, resorts, nightclubs, and restaurants. The rougher east coast of Barbados is popular with surfers, while the more serene west coast is where you’ll find most of the luxury resorts. Barbados has a rich cultural history, and a visit to St. Nicholas Abbey, a stately mansion built on a sugar plantation in the 17th century, is a unique and enriching experience.

Another top attraction is Hunte’s Gardens, a magnificent, manicured oasis that can’t be missed. A trip to Barbados is not complete without a visit to Oistin’s Friday night Fish Fry or Harrison’s Cave. Jagged volcanic peaks rising from the sea and breath-taking panoramic views are what make most visitors fall in love with St. Lucia. Offering a more quiet and secluded experience, St. Lucia boasts a number of unforgettable attractions nonetheless. The island’s authentic hot springs are perfect for a relaxing soak, and there is even a volcanic mud bath. The rainforests on St. Lucia are unlike any other in the Caribbean, and a guided tour of the tropical flora and fauna is the perfect way to spend a morning. And like many nearby islands, snorkelling and scuba diving are just moments away. Because of the secluded and romantic nature, St. Lucia is especially popular with couples. The nation of Guadeloupe is known for excellent French-Caribbean cuisine, world-class resorts, and pristine beaches. Guadeloupe actually consists of several islands, the two largest of which are connected by a mangrove swamp and a few small roads. Guadeloupe is home to the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve, perfect for scuba diving or touring by glass-bottomed boat. A national park surrounds La Soufriere volcano, where you can take an exhilarating hike to a tropical waterfall. At the beginning of each year, Guadeloupe hosts a Carnival featuring parades and celebrations that go on for six weeks. The Virgin Islands are the quintessential Caribbean paradise, and they offer some of the best snorkelling and diving around. There are three large islands in the US Virgin Islands; St. Thomas is the most developed and most visited, while St. John and St. Croix offer visitors a more rustic and pampered experience. More than half of St. John is covered by protected parks, and it is renowned for its endless, unspoiled beaches. The British Virgin Islands are just 30 minutes away from the US Virgin Islands’ St. Thomas and whether enjoying the pleasures of the sea or bird watching, it should definitely be added to your list of favourite destination spots. But no matter what destination you choose in the Caribbean, you are virtually guaranteed to have an exceedingly enjoyable experience.


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